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InstaHealth is the ID-Based Body Temperature Measurement System which can help company control the status of employees’ health.
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InstaHealth only takes 5 seconds to measure and update temperature, which improves significantly on the efficiency of employee health management.
2 Ways to Identify Employees
InstaHealth has 2 ways to identify employees.
InstaHealth: ID-Based Body Temperature Measurement Cloud Platform
Special Price for organizations purchase more than one set
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InstaHealth is co-incubated by Wing Wah Love Technology Service (HK-based) and LeadBest Consulting Group (Taiwan-based), An ID-Based Body Temperature Measurement Platform.
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If employees take the measurement by themselves, we highly suggested to sanitize their hands before using the device.
Yes, the exported data will include Time of Measurement, Name, Department, Employee ID, Temperature.
The suggested number of users per device is 50-60 people.
Yes, one admin account can be used by 4 sets of device at most.
FORA 1241 is a medical level forehead thermometer, FDA Certified. Same level of thermometer used by U.S. Custom when preventing Ebola virus, purchased by CDC.
Compared to ear thermometer, it is faster to scan and less phyical contact to the employees; compared to thermal imager, it is a lot more accurate.