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If employees take the measurement by themselves, we highly suggested to sanitize their hands before using the device.
Yes, the exported data will include Time of Measurement, Name, Department, Employee ID, Temperature.
The suggested number of users per device is 50-60 people.
Yes, one admin account can be used by 4 sets of device at most.
FORA 1241 is a medical level forehead thermometer, FDA Certified. Same level of thermometer used by U.S. Custom when preventing Ebola virus, purchased by CDC. Compared to ear thermometer, it is faster to scan and less phyical contact to the employees; compared to thermal imager, it is a lot more accurate.
For now, InstaHealth have the function of taking attendance. In the future, we are aiming to add-on more functions including body temperature, weight, blood sugar, etc.
Yes, if you wish to use your own bar code, please kindly provide sample bar code to InstaHealth team, for us to extract the information. If we make sure to import the extracted information to the system, then the bar code can be linked to InstaHealth.
We cannot guarantee the best performance for other tablets. Required spec for tablet: Android 5.0, with Bluetooth and WIFI. Required spec for forehead thermometer: Bluetooth.
Yes, one individual can take the measurement unlimited time, but it might affect the calculation of the daily data in the backend system.